The TSDB Version 2.0 is coming soon.

2017-11-24  The kiz version 2 of "Gene Search" running on the web

2016-12-09  Add RNA-seq data of tree shrews' spermatogonial stem cells (Li et al. 2016 Cell Research)

2016-04-13  Update videos on tree shrew's life

2015-08-10  Fix some bugs

2014-11-21  Paper "Tree shrew database (TreeshrewDB): a knowledge base for Chinese tree shrew genome biology" was published

2014-01-10  Update Chinese tree shrew pseudogene information

2013-11-10  Add tools of ReverseSeq and TranslateCDS

2013-11-02  Add ncRNA retrieval function

2013-10-20  Add a tool of ExtractSeq

2013-10-13  Update videos on tree shrew's life

2013-09-28  Tree shrew Database running on the web