E-mail:  ranxiaoqian1997@163.com
2019.7 - Present: M.S., candidate, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2019.3-2019.4: Visiting student, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2015.9-2019.6:B.A., Sichuan Agricultural University

First author (#):
1. Pu X-X#, Ran X-Q#, Yan Y#, Lu Q-Y, Li J-C, Li Y-Y, Guan S-P, Cao M-M, Liu J, Hao X-J, Luo R-C*, Di Y-T*. 2022. 
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2. Liu S#, Zhang C-S#, Ran X-Q#, Tang X-H, Guo Y-R, Yan Y, Yao Y-G, Hao X-J, Luo R-C*, Di Y-T*. 2021. 
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1. Peng X-R#, Luo R-C#, Su HG, Zhou L, Ran X-Q, Guo Y-R, Yao Y-G*, Qiu M-H*. 2022. 
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2. Li Y-Y, Yang Y, Sun M, Lu Q-Y, Pu X-X, Ran X, Li D-M, Wan J-J, Huang J-Y, Guan S-P, Luo R, Cheng Y-Y*, Di Y-T*, Hao X-J. 2022. 
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3. Chen C, Liu J-W, Huang K-P, Xiong F, Ma Y-H, Guo L-L, Ran X-Q, Guo Y-R, Yao Y-G, Hao XJ*, Luo R-C*, Zhang Y*. 2022. 
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4. Luo R#*, Fan Y#, Yang J, Ye M, Zhang D-F, Guo K, Li X, Bi R, Xu M, Yang L-X, Li Y, Ran X, Jiang H-Y, Zhang C, Tan L, Sheng N, Yao Y-G*. 2021. 
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5. Tang X-H#, Luo R-C#, Ye M-S; Tang H-Y, Ma Y-L, Chen Y-N, Wang X-M, Lu Q-Y; Liu S, Li X-N; Yan Y; Yang J, Ran X-Q, Fang X, Yao Y-G*, Di Y-T*; Hao X-J*. 2021. 
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   Organic Letters; 23 (2), pp.262-267 (Cover story).

Patent Application:
1. 彭惺蓉,罗荣灿,邱明华,姚永刚,苏海国,冉晓倩,胡贵林,郭亚蓉,李忠荣,周 琳. (+/?)-sproganoapplanain A及其药物组合物与应用,2022.4,中国,申请号202210317429.8
2. 彭惺蓉,罗荣灿,邱明华,姚永刚,冉晓倩,胡贵林,郭亚蓉,李忠荣,周 琳. Ganoapplin A和ganoapplin B及其药物组合物和应用,2022.8,申请号202210994135.9

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